FLY LIving with Emily Atkinsonthe life I aspire to live every day. A life in which I’m liberated from the cages of society and free to be me; the real raw uncensored me. A life in which I let my artistic soul shine and my creativity soar. A life in which I honor my gypsy soul and travel often. A life filled with kitchen dance parties, fresh flowers and farmers markets, warm summer nights and sunsets, soulful conversations and good wine.

To BE HER is to do work you love. The soul satisfying kind of work that makes you lose all track of time and that feels good. Damn good. It’s about having the confidence to let your authentic essence shine and the courage to live the life you were born to; the life you crave deep down in your soul. 

And above all else to HER HER is about loving yourself. Unapologetic, crazy passionate, radical self-love. The kind of love that fills you up to the brink and overflows into the world.

That’s what BE HER means to me. And you, what does it mean to you? 

Together, let’s make that your reality

But first, how about a proper introduction?

I’m Emily Atkinson, but you can call me Em.


I’m crazy passionate about helping women (just like you!) reclaim who they really are so they have the courage, confidence & clarity to create (AND LIVE) fiercely authentic lives.

I believe with every ounce of my being that the key to true freedom (and happiness) lies in knowing and loving who you are.

My thing, the one that lights my soul on fire like no other, is my belief that there is nothing more beautiful than an empowered woman who embodies truth and authenticity, who loves who she is on every level.

That is my driving force. To help you become this woman; the woman you were born to be. 

But I didn’t always live life this way, aligned with my calling and true self…

There was a time when I was plagued with a deep discontentment and a longing to find my way. I felt lost in a fog with no way out.

I was torn between two lives. The life I was “supposed” to be living by society’s standards and the one I craved deep down in my soul.

I was checking the “shoulds” off the to do list… College. Check. Success in my career as an Interior Designer. Check. Fabulous apartment in San Francisco. Check, check, check…

Yet something was missing. Something BIG. 

From the outside in it appeared as if I had everything, but from the inside out I was screaming, a silent scream nobody could hear but me. 

The truth I was unhappy, with a capital U-N-H-A-P-P-Y.

Eventually my unhappiness became paralyzing and change became inevitable.

Following nothing more than a gut feeling that I was destined for more, I quit my soul sucking job, sold most of my belongings, and bought a one way ticket to Bali; walking away from life as I knew it. 

My time in Bali created the space for me to reconnect with me. The noise of societies “shoulds” and “supposed to’s” faded away and among the rice paddies I found myself.

The more I reconnected with my true self, the more happiness and clarity I found. Not some f-ing woo woo happiness, but an unshakable grounded happiness from within.

I now know that my deep discontent and unhappiness that plagued me for years was rooted in not living life aligned with my true self or desires.

Somewhere in life I lost a part of myself. A big f-ing part!

I conformed to the norm and chose the paycheck over passion. I was chasing the “American Dream”, but it wasn’t my dream (and I have a feeling it’s not yours either).

Emily Atkinson - FLY Living - Life Design Coach - San Francisco Along my journey, I’ve learned that for true transformation to take place, we must have the courage to walk away from the life we think we should be living to make room for the one we’re meant to live.

We must be brave enough to step outside of our comfort zone, come face to face with our true selves, and fall in love with that person. Fall madly in love with ourselves.

From that place I believe anything is possible! I would love you show you how.



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