The Revolutionary Woman. You are her.

A guided 6 month journey of radical transformation and deep soul discovery, The Revolutionary Woman is a journey home to your truest, most authentic, liberated self.



by Emily Atkinson in OFFERINGS
August 6, 2018 0 comments

Everything I have been creating for the last 5 years has led up to this point.

And I’ve created A LOT!

From eBooks, to numerous freebies, FLY+OM classes (remember those?), workshops, 1:1 journeys, Facebook groups, online courses and monthly New Moon Circles, I’ve tried it all.

But something has always been out of alignment with my true calling…

4 years ago a seed was planted. I had a vision of bringing women together for a 6 month journey of radical transformation.

At the time I still had my own healing and evolving to go through so I shelved the idea.

I would re-explore it from time to time, but it always remained an idea…

Until now.

Last fall I heard the whisper and she told me it was time.

When the whisper speaks I know to listen.

She has guided me into making some of the biggest and boldest decisions of my life. From knowing when it was time to walk away from the Interior Design career I spent a decade building, to buying a one-way ticket to Bali so I could go on a solo-journey to find myself. She even told me when it was time to walk away from my relationship of 5 years.

She spoke. I listened and got to work.

I’ve spent the last 9 months letting the idea evolve. The creation process is not linear and cannot be forced or controled. Just like us women, the idea needed time to grow, morph and become what it was meant to be. And what she has become blows my mind away.

For the first time as a Life Guide + Coach, I can say I am fiercely aligned with my soul mission.

Without further ado, I am beyond proud/excited/nervous to officially announce that doors for The Revolutionary Woman are open!

The Revolutionary Woman is wild, free, fiercely authentic and unapologetically aligned with her primal she power.

A guided 6 month journey of radical transformation and deep soul discovery, The Revolutionary Woman is a journey home to your truest, most authentic, liberated self.

During this journey you’ll awaken all parts of yourself – mind, body, soul and spirit – fully stepping into the truth of who YOU are.

You’ll then use this (your true authentic essence) as the foundation from which you’ll begin to create your life, unapologetically aligned with the woman YOU were born to be.

The program blends the feminine flow with masculine life coaching techniques, balancing the yin and the yang, the moon and the sun; honoring our cyclic primal feminine nature, but in a way that works with our busy modern lives.

We meet once a month in Pacifica, California to journey together.

The journey flows with the seasons.

In the Fall we remember who we are and why we are here. In the Winter we shed the layers of who we’re not making room for our truth to emerge. And in the Spring we begin to step into the light becoming the women we were born to be.

In October we begin to awaken the wisdom within by connecting to our intuition, spiritual guides and personal feminine flow (menstrual cycle). We dive into deep self-discovery, reconnecting to all parts of our being. From personal values, to life purpose, to Astrological birth charts, we dive into it all!

In November we start integrating what we’ve uncovered in the previous months by learning how to honor who we are and our personal flow in our everyday lives.

Now with a solid foundation of who we are in place, in December we begin the process of letting go and shedding the layers of who we’re not. We’ll begin to use the energy of the full moon to release, we’ll meet and befriend our shadow self & saboteurs, and get clear on what’s not longer serving us.

In January we turn up the heat by healing stories of our past and any collective shame around our menstrual cycles. We’ll also begin the process of learning to forgive ourselves and others. We bring the shedding process to an end with a releasing ceremony where we let go of everything (mentally, energetically and physically) that’s no longer welcome on our journeys.

In February, after months of deep self-discovery and letting go, we transition into taking action towards becoming the women we were born to be. We’ll begin getting clear on the life we really want to live and we’ll begin building this life, area by area, step by step.

In March we dive further into designing and aligning our lives. We learn the difference between the law of alignment and the law of attraction so we can balance the feminine flow and the masculine approach of taking action. We’ll also learn how to manifest with the moon and get creative with vision boards!

We’ll bring our journey to a close with a celebration of how far we’ve come! We’ll spend some time celebrating each other and the women we used to be along with coming up with a personalized plan to keep you moving forward after our time together has come to an end.

Keep in mind that this is a brief overview of what will be created in our magical 6 months together! There is so much more that I can’t wait to share with you!

Click here for dates of Workshops + Circles, more details and FAQ’s.

Women who come together, rise together.

Sisterhood and support are crucial to living our best lives and becoming the women we were born to be. One of the special things about The Revolutionary Woman is that you’ll be going through the journey with a small intimate group of other women. AKA a tribe of like-minded sisters on the same journey who get what you’re going through and will have your back every step of the way.

To recap the journey:

  • 6 months of radical transformation & self-discovery
  • 12 Workshops + Circles (either in-person or online)
  • A tribe of like-minded women
  • A private Facebook group to stay connected to your sisters
  • Access to an online hub where lessons, worksheets, meditation, etc. will be hosted
  • The option to work 1:1 with Emily

The investment.

The investment (yes, you and your journey is an investment!) is $222 a month for 6 months, plus a non-refundable deposit of $111 to reserve your spot.

If you’d like to take this journey to the next level you can work 1:1 with me. The investment for private 1:1 coaching, guidance and support begins at $444 a month. Non-refundable deposit is waived.

Space is limited.

I value depth, intimacy and true connection and for this reason the journey will only be available to 9 women for the in-person circle and 9 women for the online circle.

Commitment is key!

If you’re not ready to take action and show up fully for yourself and your life, this journey is not for you.


What if I no longer bleed?

Our natural rhythm as women is to ebb and flow with the moon, so even if you no longer bleed you still have a personal rhythm and flow. By beginning to tune in to and track your personal monthly rhythm with the the phases of the moon, you will be able to begin feeling and seeing your rhythm.

Also, when you no longer bleed you are considered a Blood Keeper and it is said that this is the most powerful stage of womanhood! Basically, you fucking rock!

What if I’m on birth control?

I personally do not take birth control but my understanding is you’ll still be able to tap into your own personal flow and rhythm, but it may be a dimmed down experience.

This is what Suzanne Mathic McQueen author or 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks says  “The most important thing to understand about any form of The Pill (implant, shot, patch, etc.) is that it prevents ovulation, so it keeps your naturally rhythmic libido from reaching the high it normally would reach.”

What if I have to miss a Workshop + Circle?

Totally ok! All lessons, worksheets and meditations will be hosted online so you can access them anytime.

When will the next round of The Revolutionary Woman be?

I am not sure. I may only offer this program once a year which means enrollment will begin in in September 2019 and the journey will begin in October 2019.

Why 6 months?

True transformation is a process that can’t be rushed and takes time. I would prefer to have the journey be 9 months but know that’s a huge commitment.

Now the only question is, are you ready to embark on a journey home to your truest, most authentic, liberated self?

Fuck yeah?

Then Sister, IT’S TIME to join the revolution.

The first step in beginning the journey home to your true self is to email me ( so we can schedule a call to discuss if this program is the right fit for you.

Can’t wait to journey together sister!