Become the heroine of your life + rewrite your story!

3 steps to rewriting your story and becoming the heroine not the victim of your life



by Emily Atkinson in Uncategorized
April 9, 2018 0 comments

A few weeks ago I took a mini getaway with my little sister to Guerneville. It’s a small town by the Russian River just 1 hour north of San Francisco.

During one of our hikes among the redwoods we came across this magnificent tree and my sister said, “she saved herself!”

This tree was by far the largest and by having a split trunk she saved herself from logging.

I stared at her with awe.

Her grace. Her beauty. Her strength. Breathtaking.

Being different is what saved her.

Let that soak in.

Take root.

By having a split trunk she was saved.

She saved herself.


Just like this magnificent redwood we can become the heroines of our own stories.

We often go through life as if we’re in the passenger seat in a car that seems to be on auto-pilot. Just going through the motions. The same situation happening to us over and over. A cycle that we just can’t seem to break.

I get it. I’ve been there. But here’s the thing… you have a choice and you can rewrite your story to become the heroine not the victim.

How do we do this? We start with being brutally honest of the story we’re currently telling ourselves.

Many of us have a story that we’re holding onto. It feels like our truth and reality, and someway it is, but it’s based on old things that happened to us in our past. It’s no longer relative and no longer serves us. And even though this story is from our past it controls our present (and even our future).

To share something very personal with you – my father died when I was young and in a pretty tragic way and until recently – I had a story that went something like, my daddy left me, he didn’t love me, I’m not worthy of love, and men always leave.

My story of “men always leave” and my fear of abandonment has controlled every relationship I’ve ever had with men. It’s been on autopilot in the back of my mind.

Now that I’m aware, I have the power to free myself from this story because I know that I have a choice and I’m not the 5 year old girl who lost her daddy.

I’m not downplaying anything that has happened to you. We have all had tragic stuff that has happen to us, and I’m not dismissing anything that you’ve gone through in your life.

But I am going to ask you if it’s serving you? Do you want to take it with you to the next chapter of your life? Do you want it to hold you back from even getting there in the first place?

You are not your story.

Let me say that again so it sinks in…you are not your story.

You are not what has happened to you in the past.

Just like I am not the little girl who lost her daddy.

If it’s in the past, it’s time to heal it and leave it in the past.

Now the only question is, are you ready to reclaim your life and rewrite your story?

Step #1:

Get brutally honest of the story you’re telling yourself. To do this write your life story.

From the moment you were born to today. Don’t sugar coat it. Be raw, real, and tell it how it is from your perspective.

This isn’t meant for anyone else to read. It’s for your eyes only.

After you’ve written your story spend some time with it. How does it make you feel? Empowered or disempowered? Just be honest and sit with the discomfort for a bit.

Step #2:

After you’ve spent some time with the story of your past, it’s time to create a new story. Who do you want to become in the next chapter of your life? How do you want events to unfold? This story should be in the present tense and you have the power to create anything you desire.

Step #3:

I would suggest reading the new story daily. When the old story gains control and gets into the driver’s seat, remember that you have a choice. Flip the script. Read the new story over and over until you begin to believe it.


This work is not easy. Healing doesn’t happen overnight, but the more you’re dedicated to yourself, the more positive results you will see.

Sending you love, light and healing energy.