I see you, Wild Woman.

I see you pacing in your cage; the cage that you helped build because of the societal norms you grew up with. The iron appears thick and you feel as though you will never be able to break free. I see you, woman with passion in her veins.

I see that your passion, your light, has been dimmed down, shoved into a corner in the dark abyss of your creative mind.

Welcome Seeker,

You found me, and in a way I found you. Trust that. Trust that you are here reading this for a reason. I also want you to also trust the calling you hear deep within your soul; the nagging, unshakable feeling that you’re meant for more than the life you’re settling for.

Maybe you really wanted to become a writer but were told to “pick something that will get you a good paying job,” and now you’re stuck in a 9-5 cubicle. Or perhaps you always wanted to create a blog and travel, but were told to “think realistically” so you live vicariously through your instagram feed. 

Now you have this feeling in the pit of your stomach. Unhappiness? A sense of unfulfillment? A desire for a time machine to go back and say “fuck it” and do what you initially wanted to do? I understand the frustration of feeling like you’ve done everything you were “supposed” to do by society’s standards and yet, at the end of the day, you feel lost, unfulfilled and as though something is missing. 

Sister, something is missing. YOU are missing.

It can be easy to lose ourselves in this world, to the point where we forget the dreams and aspirations we had as children.

I’ve been there. For years I let the supposed to’s rule my life. On the outside I appeared happy, but on the inside I was screaming. When I realized life had to be much more than just getting through day by day, I made the decision to change my life. I decided to begin the journey of finding myself. 

Today, I help the rising feminine, the women with wild hearts, passion in their veins. The creatives, visionaries & (aspiring) entrepreneurs. The women who know they’re here to make a difference. The women who want to lead with purpose, passion & pleasure. 

I help these brave souls break free from masculine grind, an outdated way of living. Limiting beliefs, thoughts of unworthiness (“who am I to lead?”), the fear of being seen, the fear of using your voice. 

I empower women to create more ease, flow and freedom in their lives, businesses and relationships. I strive for women to show up as they truly are, not as the person they feel they are supposed to be or whatever it is that lights you the fuck up and makes you feel ALIVE! 

I am crazy passionate about helping women to realize their potential and find themselves again. The journey I lead you on is one that will give you the confidence and strength to remove the layers of societal norms. The norms that dim your light. The norms that, ultimately, control your life. 

Sister, let me guide you home. 

Working with me is a journey home to your truest, most authentic, liberated self. I work with the whole you in every area of your life.

My process blends many modalities –  life coaching, self-discovery, intuitive guidance, shadow work, Reiki and intuitive healing, and teachings of the Sacred Feminine – the rhythms of Moon, seasons of the Earth, the phases of your menstrual cycle, Astrology and using your intuition as a compass.

I believe the most courageous thing you can do with your life is be who you really are. Not the dimmed down version that feels safe, but the raw, real, authentic you. The you that has been buried under a lifetime of shoulds, supposed to’s and societal expectations. 

And together, we’ll uncover and reclaim who this woman is. 

Coaching with me is $444 per month, starting with a commitment of 6 months. There are two 75-minute sessions each month. 

The first step is to book a call with me. CLICK HERE to book. This is a 30 minute chat where we simply get to know each other and see if we’re a good energetic match to work with each other. It’s kinda like a first date, but one you can show up fully as yourself – no makeup, sweats, messy hair kinda vibes.

Every woman is different and so are her needs. Therefore, the support that you need will vary from the needs of another woman. This journey is designed to flow differently according to the woman. These are some of the things we may dive into during our time together:

Life Coaching 

As a Life Coach, I am completely and 100% on your side. I specialize in helping women remove all the layers of false identities, the shoulds and supposed to’s that dim their light and control their lives. And from that place, a place of freedom, expansion and true-self. I support and teach them how to redesign and align their lives with who they’d like to become. It can be helpful to have a fresh set of eyes on your current situation in order to get unstuck, build momentum and begin moving forward.

We’ll explore what’s working, what’s not working, where you want to be, what’s been holding you back, and we’ll create attainable action steps to get you moving forward. As a Life Coach, I work with the whole you in every area of your life: the “good,” the “bad,” and the in-between. There is no shame, there should be no hiding; there can only be growth and becoming the person you want to be. I only want the absolute best for you, and will help keep you accountable – aka, make sure you do your homework! I will support you fully and, as someone who has learned how to dance with her own shadow, can relate to the challenges you may be facing! You are not alone. I am here.


Self-discovery is a journey that reconnects you to the parts of yourself that you’ve lost along the way-your intuition, spiritual guides, personal values and life’s purpose. Imagine a life where you don’t live by the “should be’s” of society. Instead, you live a life that empowers you, turns you on and is filled with your full authentic self. Maybe you’re not even sure who that person is anymore. Believe me: that’s okay! Together, we can work through the layers, shed the old skin, and plant new seeds. Together, we will figure out the woman that you were meant to be in this world. This is especially potent for the woman who has lost a sense of self and is looking to reconnect with who she really is. 

I will also intuitively interpret your Astrological Birth Chart (basically your compass in the skies) which can help to give you a deeper understanding of who you are and who you came into this lifetime to be. The place, date and time of birth are all relevant when it comes to who you are in this lifetime! In fact, your exact birth chart won’t even happen for another 26,000 years! You can then use this (your true authentic essence) as the foundation from which you’ll begin to create your life, unapologetically aligned with the woman YOU were born to be.

Teachings of the Sacred Feminine

Did you know that the feminine has a power that lies deep within her? It is a unique blueprint on how she’s meant to live life, conduct business, and process relationships. This power is usually dormant because we are taught to feel shame and to hide our gifts from an early age. You see commercials on TV that mention being more discreet so people won’t have to know when you begin to bleed. Teens are put on the pill for a variety of reasons which end up “managing” the bleed, or not getting it altogether. Women are told not to be “too much,” “too loud, “too obscene,” and not to take up too much space.

That power that we tend to hide is the innate healing energy of the Sacred Feminine. As women we ebb and flow with the seasons of the earth, the phases of the moon, and our own menstrual cycles. We are forever changing, evolving, dancing between the light and the dark, becoming and releasing. The masculine grind (do, do, do) does not work for the feminine. It causes burn out, dis-ease in our bodies and minds, PMS, and ultimately disconnection from our true selves and our own inner power.

With this offering, I guide you back home to your true knowing and teach you how to track the moon phases and your menstrual cycle. With this knowledge, we’ll begin to align your life. Learning to honor your sacred cycles will create more ease, flow and abundance in your life. 

Shadow Work + Decluttering

You know that feeling when you walk into a cluttered room and you feel almost claustrophobic, angry, or just off? Through the process of decluttering we shed the layers of who we’re not – mentally, energetically, spiritually & physically. Decluttering makes room for a new you to emerge, a you aligned with the woman you’re becoming, not the version of you weighed down by societal expectations. 

When we are constantly surrounded by stuff, it is easy to feel the physical clutter. Have you ever thought about the emotional clutter that comes with that stuff as well? One of the processes I will guide you through includes understanding how certain things that we possess can hold emotional attachments to them. In turn, these emotional attachments make our inner goddess feel suffocated. 

We’ll begin to use the energy of the full moon to release. I’ll guide you to meet and befriend your saboteur, or the inner mean girl, critic & ego (aka the voice within that tells you you’re not worthy and holds you back from living out your full potential). We’ll explore unhealed wounds, the fear of being seen, thoughts of unworthiness, limiting beliefs, and get clear on what’s no longer serving you. We will move through personal blocks by exploring the areas where you keep getting stuck. We’ll then dive deep into how to create new patterns and habits. Lastly, I will help you to physically declutter the items that you surround yourself with, especially the ones that contain a lingering energetic field. Yes, I’m talking about that old hoodie that you hid in the back of the closet from a long-ago ex.

Reiki + Intuitive Healing

Rub your hands together really quickly for 30 seconds to a minute, then stop and slowly separate your hands. Slowly bring them back together. Do you feel that slight push and pull? That is what energy can feel like, and it exists in everything around us.

Reiki, also known as “universal life force energy” is a Japanese healing practice. The practice of Reiki is passed down from teacher to student through a series of attunements. I received my Reiki 1 Tera Mai Lineage attunements in March of 2020 through The Revolutionary Woman’s Linda Addis (The Light Mystic). In January 2021, I plan on receiving my Reiki 2 attunements.  

Reiki can bring forth a calm, restorative, relaxing feeling to the individual receiving the energy. These sessions are intuitively led, meaning I will use my intuition to align your chakras and clear energy blocks. Reiki will also be used throughout the home to energetically cleanse the space. It is important that the physical body, energetic field, and living space are all cleansed as it allows you to process the healing cycle in a safe space.

Since Universal Energy exists all around us, these sessions are currently done virtually.

Business Coaching

(This is for the women who work for themselves or desire to work for themselves)

You didn’t start a business to be caught in the grind and have all the mundane tasks (and “shoulds”) weighing you down, stifling your creativity, and taking the passion and fun out of why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. You have big dreams and hopes for your business. Let me help you realign with those dreams and hopes, and create a business (systems, branding, copy, etc) that is aligned with who you are and where you envision going. Stop going around and around, trying to figure out how to make everything work all the while losing your creativity. Allow me to look at your business or creative project. The masculine grind does not work for the feminine-creative entrepreneur. Instead, it leads to burn out and misalignment. I’ve been known to write client’s copy, design websites and create new systems on the spot. 

I used to follow all the “rules” of how I should run a business and it wasn’t until I threw those out that I began to create more ease, flow and abundance in my business (and life). 

You have a creative soul with a wild heart, AND yet you can’t seem to break free from the grind. Whether that is being stuck in the 9 to 5 rat race while you crave more and search for your purpose, or you have a creative project or business that you can’t seem to get off the ground, or you have become so overburdened with all the little details that you can no longer focus on the bigger picture. Since I’ve been there before, I can help you with wherever it is you are stuck.


“Before working with Emily, life wasn’t bad, but I felt like there was more for me out there. I felt like there was a change needed, but I wasn’t sure what or how. I felt lost and like a sidekick to my husband, instead of someone living their own story.

I wanted to feel more vibrant, radiant, joyful, and alive, but I was afraid I didn’t have enough going on to warrant hiring a coach; that I wasn’t focused enough or didn’t have a plan. I wondered if maybe I was just being whiny and ungrateful, and that maybe I should just settle and be happy with what I have.

But after working with Emily I’m so much happier! I thought I was a happy person to begin with, but I feel like I am radiating joy now. Emily provided me with a space to dream, create, and reason things out while gently encouraging me forward and helping me focus on what the best steps are for me.

If you’re thinking of hiring Emily, trust your intuition! You deserve to be in love with your life and having someone on your side to give you feedback and guidance is so incredibly helpful.”

Ms. Meghan Khlasa | CAO, Chief Awesome Officer | website

“Emily is amazing! I have been working with Emily for the past few months, and it is really incredible how much progress I’ve made in such a short amount of time.

I had felt very stuck, unsure of what actions to take next, and Emily guided me through this feeling of uncertainty with ease. She helped me reconnect with my intuition and my authenticity, which has been invaluable to me. I now feel inspired, with a clear path ahead of me.

Emily has this awesome ability to gently push you past your comfort zone, with a level of care and understanding. She can get to the root of what you are really saying, and always bring you back in alignment with your true desires and values. I look forward to our coaching calls each week, and am so grateful to have such a powerful advocate in my corner.”

Ms. Katie Archbold Andrs, V.A. and Mompreneur | website

“After a series of unfortunate life changing events I was ready for positive change, but I didn’t know how to go about it. I was paralyzed with self-doubt and overwhelm. I had ideas of what I wanted for my future, but no idea how to obtain it. I was unsure when I began working with Emily, but I knew I needed to do something new. Immediately I was reassured that I made the right decision.

Emily creates a peaceful, nonjudgmental environment so you can open up and my sessions with her became the highlight of my week. As we dove into the program, I took a deeper look into my own heart and was able to reconnect with what I really wanted in my life. Discovering my core values was life changing for me and has made it easier for me to make clear decisions and take action.The self-doubt that had me paralyzed before has begun to subside.

I now have the tools to start living the life I want and the confidence to let my light shine brighter than ever before.”

Ms. Rosa Marie Throne

“Emily is the real deal. She practices the principles she teaches in her own life and business, and will always encourage you to do the same (which feels fuckin’ incredible). Through working with her, I have gotten to know myself on a level I never had before. She has opened me up to self-love, my core being, and a vision of endless possibilities. She has even helped me to see how I want to show up in my business and what type of work I want to do in the world that allows me to show up more authentically for my clients.

Emily offers this amazing blend of sisterhood, love, patience, support and a push that lights you up. I connected with her immediately and knew that she is meant to do great things and help other women do great things too…she truly is a magical and inspiring woman with a natural gift.

If you want to get to your core and live life more fully then you will benefit from coaching with her…you won’t regret it.”

Ms. Amanda Paysse | Digital Marketing Consultant | website

“Emily came into my life at a very dark time by way of an old dear friend, without knowing my story at the time, she definitely sensed something and wanted to share her light to bring mine back. I was already blessed with all the support around me at that dark time but something drew me to work with her. There is a TRUE genuine love, care and kindness that she shares that’s so inspiring.

I’m forever grateful for her coming into my life and guiding me back to MY TRUTH, self care and loving myself like I love all the babies around me. She taught me when your heart and mind align, it’s amazing what happens… Peace of mind, one of the best feelings ever.

Ms. Belinda Arroyo

“Emily is the best mix of insightful wisdom and bad-assery”

Ms. Kalli

“Emily is Amazing. Through working with her you’ll truly discover new things about yourself & learn to love your life!”

Ms. Krista

“I highly recommend Emily to anyone who is looking to be inspired and make some changes in life.”

Ms. Cathy