Goodbye 2021 + Hello 2022: End of the year ritual

Today I'm sharing with you my end of the year ritual



by Emily Atkinson in SELF DISCOVERY
December 30, 2021 0 comments

WOW!!! What a year 🙈

2021 was a year of RELEASING! 

Shedding layer after layer… 

Surrendering. Accepting. Releasing “control”. 

Allowing things to naturally fall away. 

Becoming an empty vessel. 

And from this emptiness,

I’m rebuilding. 

Rebuilding from soul desire, devotion and turn on. 

As the dust settles from the turmoil of releasing, 

I’m ending the year feeling deeply grateful and blessed. 

Blessed the Universe cleared the way when I didn’t have the courage to do so myself. 

While 2021 was about releasing, 2022 will be about rebuilding. I’ve chosen the word commitment to guide the way. 

To help you close the chapter of 2021 I’m sharing with you my end of the ritual I do every year. 

You can use the below 3 step process for inspiration or create your own ritual. 

Before you dive into the ritual I would recommend creating a sacred space and or/alter. You can do this by cleansing your space by burning your plant of choice, lighting a candle and playing music. I also love doing this ritual outside by a fire or with friends.

Step One: Celebrate 

The first step is to celebrate anything and everything you can think of. Make a list!  Brag! Be proud of yourself. Shout it to the heavens!

Many times we’re so focused on getting to the next milestone that we forget to stop, breathe and celebrate our growth.

I want to invite you to pause and celebrate who you’ve become in the last year.

Think back over the last 12 months. Who were you a year ago? What were you doing on this day? Who have you become? What moments stick out as integral on your journey?

Even if you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m exactly where I was a year ago,” I want to challenge you to celebrate something.

Growth. Healing. Evolving. This is not an easy journey. Even baby steps are something to be proud of!

Step Two: Release

Now shift gears a bit. What do you want to leave behind in 2021? What habits, negative thoughts, toxic cycles, etc are holding you back from living your full potential? We have to acknowledge what’s not working in our lives before we can move past it. This is the time to acknowledge it.

Are there things you said you wanted to do but didn’t? What held you back from not doing them? Are there people in your life who are bad influences? Or maybe you’ve outgrown them? Maybe you find yourself in the same toxic patterns and can’t seem to break free of them?

Again, I would invite you to write everything down. Be gentle with yourself, but also know you are the only one who can change your life. You may even need to practice some self-forgiveness.

After this step you may feel heavy and a little down. That’s totally ok! Acknowledging what’s not working in our lives takes courage. Looking back over your celebration list may help you shift your energy or put on your favorite song and dance it out!

Step Three: Envision  

The last step is to envision who you want to become in the next year. I find choosing a word a powerful way to guide this process.

My 2020 word was DEVOTION. My 2020 word is COMMITMENT. What word will you choose? Head over to this Instagram post and let me know.

Some questions to guide the envision process:

Are there goals you’ve been putting off because it hasn’t been the right time? How do you want to feel every day when you wake up? What is that big dream of yours that lights your soul on fire? What do you truly desire in your heart of hearts? What are your forbidden desires?

Are you ready for a life overhaul and to become someone new? If you want to become someone new you’re going to have to be someone you’ve never been before. Who do you need to be?

Have fun with this process. Let your mind go wild.

There is no wrong or right here. If you want to set goals, set goals. If you want to create a free flowing vision, do that.

Thank you for being here. For being a part of my online world.

See you next year!