How to (re)connect to your intuition through journaling

A woman’s intuition is one of her greatest assets and today I’m going to teach you how to tap into your intuition through journaling.



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February 1, 2018 0 comments

A woman’s intuition is one of her greatest assets and today I’m going to teach you how to tap into your intuition through journaling.

I want to start by letting you know that you are wise beyond measure.

What do I mean by this?

As women we’re deeply intuitional beings.

Can you think of moments in your life when you just “knew” something or you had a “gut” feeling that you couldn’t quite explain?

These are examples of your intuition at play.

Our intuition is our 6th sense and when we learn to intentionally tap into it, we can use it to guide us into living a truly incredible life.

Many times we get so wrapped up in finding an outward solution to a problem that we forget to tune inward.

I’ve been there too. Talking something out with my girlfriends for countless hours while I ignore the little voice within.

Each of us holds the answers within ourselves. They’re not out there. The answers are not something to seek. They’re already within us. We just need to learn to listen.

The problem?

We’ve lost touch with the inner wisdom that comes from within. We may have intuitional hits from time to time, but it’s not something we’re accustomed to tuning into on a daily basis.

If you follow me on Instagram or get my love notes to your inbox, you know that I talk about the power of journaling A LOT. I also have a free guide to help you begin a journaling practice.

Not only can journaling be an extremely therapeutic practice, it can also be a great way to reconnect to your intuition.

You are your wisest guide and teacher. And yes I’m a guide, teacher and coach telling you this, but I truly believe you will always know what best for you!

So without further ado, here’s how to connect to your intuition through journaling:

Step #1: Create a calm environment

This is not an exercise that you want to do when the kids are running around, the dog is anxious for a walk or you’re in a hurry.

I suggest creating a quite and calm environment. Make sure you’re alone or at least free from distractions. You can meditate beforehand, light a candle, take a bath, or just close the door and put on soothing music. Do whatever feels right to get into a calm state.

Step #2: Clear the mental chatter

Now, we want to clear the mental chatter. You know the continuous to do list you’re mind is repeating over and over!

The best way to do this is take out your journal and write a free stream of consciousness. Literally write anything and everything that comes to your mind. This isn’t meant to be re-read, you’re just clearing the mental chatter.

Julia Cameron, author of the Artist’s Way, calls this process Morning Pages and suggests doing three pages. That may seem overwhelming if you’re a newbie so I would suggest just going it until the mental chatter has quieted down.

Step #3: Ask for guidance

You’ve created a calm environment and have cleared away mental chatter, now you want to ask for guidance.

There is no right or wrong way here. You can use one of the below formats or just simply ask in a way that feels good to you.

My dearest (whatever you wish to call her), I’m really struggling with (insert problem) and could use some guidance with figuring out what steps to take next.

Hey (whatever you wish to call her), I know we haven’t been close lately, but I could really use your guidance with (what you need guidance on).

The purpose here is to open up the dialogue so you can begin to have a conversation with her. I invite you to do what feels right to you. After all, you know what’s best for you!

Step #4: Pay attention!

You may get intuitional hits as soon as you ask and begin the conversation in your journal. Or they may take some time.

I know that my intuition speaks to me in the early dawn. If I’m looking to her for guidance I have a journaling session before I go to bed and most times I’ll have my answer by the following morning.

Pay attention to when she speaks to you. It can be anytime, but if you pay attention you’ll begin to see a pattern.

Step #5: Trust

This step is really important. The more we listen and trust what she has to say the more often she’ll speak to us.

If you ask for her guidance, she gives it to you and you ignore her, she’s not going to be there for you.

It’s kind of like the shitty friend that is only there when she needs you. The relationship with your intuition is a exactly that – a relationship! She’ll be there for you by giving you guidance and you’ll be there for her by trusting her wisdom!

If you’ve been ignoring your intuition it may take her a bit longer to speak up, but the more you do this the more she’ll learn to trust you and speak up.

I know this process sounds simple and that’s the beauty of it because it is! We often make things A LOT more complicated than they need to be.

One last thing, like most things in life this is a practice and may time to cultivate. If you’re really wanting to tap into your inner wisdom and cultivate a deeper relationship with your intuition I would suggest doing this daily.

Remember, our intuition is truly a gift from the Universe and once you learn how to tap into it life will begin to harmonize.

xo, Em


P.S. If you want to begin regular journaling practice this guide will help you do so.