The Revolutionary Woman: The becoming of one

My dear soul sister Linda Addis is joining The Revolutionary Woman. We believe “alone we can change lives, together we can change the world”.



November 12, 2019 0 comments

Hello my dear soul sisters & brothers,

Before I dive into making a BIG announcement, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to each and everyone of you. Many of you have been following me since the beginning and have witnessed what I’m about to share with you. 

7 years ago I embarked on a radical journey. Following nothing more than a gut feeling that I was destined for more, I walked away from life as I knew it and went in search of finding myself and my purpose. 

It has been a wild journey filled with ups, downs, success, failure, heartbreak and healing. It hasn’t been easy, but now I see that all of the moments that I am going to share with you have led me to THIS moment and for that I am eternally grateful. 

6 years ago I created my first business baby, FLY Living. From 1:1 coaching, to products (remember the First Love You trucker hats?), to eBooks (Learning to FLY), weekly FLY+OM classes with my soul sister, Nicole Yarbrough, to vision board workshops, to an online course (Be Her Bootcamp), to renting a room (the Goddess Temple) to do my coaching in person, I tried everything to bring this idea into creation. 

I’m a tenacious woman (Capricorn AF) and when I set my heart on something I don’t give up. So I kept adjusting and trying new things. From the outside it probably looked like I changed my mind A LOT. But from the inside, I knew I would get there if I just kept going. 

Then 2 years ago I reached another pivotal turning point. I walked away from my relationship of 5 years, met my soul sister Linda, began to explore my connection to the moon and menstruation, and dove deep into my own inner healing and shadow work.

After that my work and my life began to shift. The moon, menstruation, shadow work and sisterhood became the foundation of what I was creating. Linda and I began co-hosting New Moon circles. And I created Gathering of Goddesses, a day where 25 women came together to celebrate sisterhood and themselves. 

After years of searching, tweaking and attempting to create the business of my dreams, I finally found my way.  Everything was falling into place. Not only was I creating the business I had dreamed about, I was also becoming the woman I had always wanted to be. 

Last fall I birthed The Revolutionary Woman. A program that was my heart and soul. I also created The Revolutionary Woman instagram and was astonished by how quickly that grew and continues to grow. 

Late this spring I led the last circle of The Revolutionary Woman, a 7 month in-person journey of deep self-discovery, and two weeks later I ended up in the hospital with an ovarian cyst that ruptured. 

The 7 prior years of giving my business my all had caught up with me. The heartbreak I had experienced before when things didn’t work out was nothing compared to the grief and disappointment that consumed me. I had reached a breaking point and knew I could no longer go on the way I was. Something had to change. 

I prepared for one of the biggest opportunities of my career, the incredible Kortney Olson had invited me to lead circle at GRRRL LIVE in Vegas, and I paused everything else which included 1:1 coaching and cancelling the 2nd Annual Gathering of Goddesses. 

I spent the summer taking a step back. I explored my wounds tied to the go go go mentality, asked the Universe for clarity and slowly began to explore what would be sustainable moving forward. 

This was an uncomfortable stage for me. Who was I if I wasn’t creating something new to bring in the world? Who was I if I didn’t have a business of my dreams? Who was I if I let it all go? 

I sat with the discomfort and practiced patience. 

Slowly the next version of The Revolutionary Woman began to emerge and take shape. Online would make it sustainable both for me and my students. I could clearly see an online hub to support people on the path of self-discovery with new tools and lessons being available each month. A Facebook group could offer support and sisterhood. And I could offer it at a low price point – $33 a month or $333 a year. 

Even though the membership felt aligned and lit my soul on fire, I couldn’t help but think something was still missing. I didn’t want to accept this because what was missing pushed me WAY out of my comfort zone and felt too vulnerable to admit. 

And then Scorpio season happened. Scorpio is the sign of death, rebirth and transformation, and what I wanted to ignore was staring me in the face. 

I mentioned before, I co-host New Moon circles with Linda. What I didn’t mention is that Linda and I were also co-creating a business in which the focus would be on retreats. 

I still remember the first moment I saw Linda standing across the room, I was in awe of her beauty and she felt familiar, like I had known her before and the first time we hung out it was like meeting a long lost sister. 

Even though we have a connection that has spanned lifetimes, Scorpio season showed us that there would always be separation and competition between us if we weren’t all in with each other. And I finally admitted what I didn’t want to admit. The Revolutionary Woman wasn’t mine. It was ours. 

Everything I have shared is a crucial part of the evolution of my business and who The Revolutionary Woman is. The Revolutionary Woman is a movement far greater than me. It’s not my movement, it’s ours and that includes you too! 

It’s about pushing your boundaries and boldly becoming the woman you were born to be. It’s about hopping on the phone with your soul sister and even though your voice is shaking inviting her to be a part of something you’ve spent the last 7 years uncovering. 

It’s about being honest with yourself, dropping your ego and admitting that what you can create on your own will changes lives, but what you can create together has the potential to change the world. 

Energetically, Linda has always been a part of The Revolutionary Woman and moving forward we will be creating it together. And somehow since that first moment I saw her standing across the room, this has always been what’s meant to be. 

Even though over the years I’ve had moments of “this is it!” I’ve never felt as aligned as I do right now and it’s Mercury Retrograde! And I know deep down in my soul that this is what I have been searching for. 

Linda and I are learning a new way of being with each other, the way of The Revolutionary Woman, and we will continue to share the journey with you in the upcoming months and years!

The membership will be open for enrollment beginning of January 2020. In the meantime, follow the journey on Instagram (@therevolutionarywoman) and come meet Linda. 

With love, gratitude & appreciation,