Blending many modalities – life coaching, intuitive guidance, interior design, Reiki, and spiritual teachings, I specialize in guiding women through whole life transformation, so they can live fiercely authentic lives, unapologetically aligned with who they are (not who the world thinks they should be).

All of my packages are custom designed to meet your needs. You can combine Soul Discovery, Life Coaching, Interior Design & Wardrobe Styling for a complete life transformation or choose to start with one service at a time. 

Email me (em@ematkinson.com) for a phone consultation. Rates start at $175 an hour.

Services offered: 

Soul Discovery (remember who you are)

The Soul Discovery journey is for the woman who feels lost and is looking to reconnect with who she is. Maybe you’ve gone through a hard period in life and are questioning your life decisions and who you are. Maybe you’ve gone through a big life transition and have lost your sense of self. Or maybe you just feel a bit off and need someone to guide you back home to your true self. 

Regardless, this journey is custom designed to help you gain clarity as to who you are and what you want. We can journey together in person in the SF Bay Area or virtually. 

Every woman is different and at a different place in her life so each self-discovery journey is different, but some of the things we may dive into are:

  • Uncovering your personal values, which are a foundational element in getting clear as to who you are and what you need from life. 
  • The Wheel of Life, which is a popular Life Coaching tool designed to take a deep look at every area of your life. We explore what’s working and what’s not, where you want to be, and what’s been holding you back. We then begin to create attainable action steps to get you moving forward. It’s a powerful exercise and will get you unstuck and seeing immediate results.
  • Interpreting your Astrological Birth Chart and identifying your personal planets. This will give you a deeper understanding of who you are and who you came into this lifetime to be.
  • Exploring the purpose of your life & your personal gifts. This is an important element if you’re looking towards a career transition. 
  • Guided journeys & exercises to reconnect your intuition and guides 
  • Guided journeys & exercises to connect with your inner child so you heal past wounds and learn how to love yourself in a deeper, more compassionate way. (poignant if you’ve suffered from abandonment) 
  • Tools on how to overcome the inner mean girl, critic & ego (aka the voice within that tells you you’re not worthy and holds you back from living out your full potential)
  • Learn to connect to the rhythm of the moon & your menstrual cycle. 

Life Coaching 

After a Soul Discovery journey you have the option to schedule 1:1 Life Coaching & Guidance sessions with me whenever you’d like! The standard in the coaching industry is to require a 3-6 month commitment for 1:1 coaching, but again I believe every woman is different and so are her needs, so these sessions are a la carte, and you can schedule them as much or as little as you need to. 

These sessions are done over the phone and are 60 minutes long, and you may use the time however you’d like.

Some examples on how you can use the time: 

  • Create momentum by creating homework actions steps for yourself. There’s something quite powerful that happens when we have someone to hold us accountable towards taking action and doing the things we say we’re going to. 
  • Move through personal blocks by exploring the areas where you keep getting stuck. We’ll dive deep into the why and how to create new patterns. 
  • Explore past wounds & hurts that are holding you back from living the life you want. 
  • Be seen & heard! One of the most powerful things about having a coach is that you have someone who is completely and 100% on your side. I only want the absolute best for you!


Interior Design

My approach to Interior Design is holistic and healing. Your life and home environment are directly connected; they influence each other. This is why many of my clients choose to add Life Coaching into their Interior Design process or vise versa. 

I believe your home should be a reflection of who you are, they life you have lived, and the life you are living. 

Designing your space isn’t about the latest trends or copying a page out of Elle Decor.  It’s about creating a space that expresses the woman you are and the woman you want to become. A place that nourishes your soul and gives you the permission to be who you truly are and live the life you desire. 

I value using local Bay Area based workrooms, hand-made quality fine furnishings, sustainable products, second hand items (I love flea markets!) and finding clever ways to repurpose and reuse your existing furniture. 

My design process: 

Every woman is different and so are her design needs, but the process may look something like: 

We meet in your home for a discovery session where we discuss in depth your vision and needs for the room. We’ll dive into what’s working and what’s not. How you envision the room looking, but also how you envision living. I’ll spend time taking measurements, photographs, and inventory of anything you’d like to bring into the new design. 

From there we begin collaborating on the design scheme in Pinterest. You’re a part of the entire process ensuring that the room is truly an authentic representation of who you are. 

At this point I also begin creating furniture layouts where I study the flow of the room and the best possible furniture placement for your needs. 

Once the layout is completed we move onto the fun part – selecting furniture, fabrics, area rugs, drapery, pillows, paint color, etc. Throughout this process I gently guide you into making decisions and selecting the right pieces based on our initial discovery session. I truly believe you should love every item you bring into your home and that’s our priority here. 

Upon selections of all items I’ll provide a furniture layout, design board, and a shopping list. You can choose to purchase all the items at once, or purchase at your leisure (a great solution for smaller budgets!)

After the items arrive to your home we get together to put the final touches on the room. This time can be used to shop for accessories, go to a flea market, and/or style the space. By putting the final touches on the room we bring the room to life!


Other Services Offered: 

  • Reiki Healing 
  • Wardrobe Makeover & Restyling
  • Decluttering (best done under a waning moon – when the moon is moving from Full to New) 



All of my packages are custom designed to meet your needs. You can combine Soul Discovery, Life Coaching, Interior Design & Wardrobe Styling for a complete life transformation or choose to start with one service at a time. 

Email me (em@ematkinson.com) for a phone consultation. Rates start at $175 an hour.