Return home to yourself with Sacred Ceremony




These circles are a fun and transformative way for modern day Priestesses, Witches & Goddesses to take a pause from their busy lives and reconnect with themselves, and a like-minded community. 

They’re a safe and sacred place for you to show up as you really are. Your whole self is welcome here. There are too many areas of our lives where we dim down our light, power and authenticity. This is not one of them. 

They usually include a guided meditation, a self-discovery exercise, time to journal and time to share. You only need to participate with what you feel comfortable doing. You can choose to participate in the sharing circle or you can observe. Again, your whole self is welcome. 

The gatherings happen in person in Kirkland, Washington and/or Virtually via Zoom.

If you’re interested in attending a circle or gatherings I would recommend connecting with me on Eventbrite or Instagram.


Why the Moon?

As she rises in the sky, night after night, the Moon supports the continuous cycle of becoming and releasing. Becoming who were born to be and shedding the layers of who we’re not. A cycle that never ends. 

There is no starting line. No end in sight. Women are not linear and just like the moon we continuously go through phases, ebbing and flowing. 

Learning to live in sync with the moon supports this continuous cycle, every month allowing us to step further into our truth and let go of what no longer serves us.

The New Moon is the first of the 8 moon phases and is the most powerful time of the month to set intentions and plant seeds for our lives. 

Two weeks later the Full Moon illuminates our shadows and what is no longer working in our lives, and therefore this is the time to let go and release. 

Women everywhere are awakening to this ancient way of being. It lies deep within our hearts and wombs. This is why we gather together under the New Moon; to remember who we really and reconnect with 

Astrology & the Moon

As the Moon orbits the Earth it passes through each of the Zodiac signs for about 2 to 2 ½ days. Throughout the year the New Moon transitions through each of the 12 zodiac signs so each month there is a different theme based on which Zodiac sign the moon is in. 

“I was then given the opportunity to attend what I consider one of the most moving, unique and simply amazing days of my adult life, The Gathering of the Goddesses hosted by Emily. Over 20 women, most strangers to each other, met and became sisters. We became sisters through moving freely, letting go, laughing, crying, sharing and ultimately bonding over the fact that we are not so different after all. Through this women’s circle wounds were opened, explored and with the love of our sisters, the path for healing these wounds was illuminated.

After seeing the power of women gathering together I was hooked . . . I knew this was not my last women’s circle and that in fact an entirely new world had just opened itself up to me.” 

Ms. Tabitha

Gallery of Past Women’s Gatherings