Each month we gather in San Francisco during the during the New Moon to honor the sacred bond of sisterhood and ourselves.

Upcoming circles:

Thursday, August 1st @ 7pm in San Francisco

Thursday, August 29th @ 7pm in San Francisco

Friday, September 27th @ 7pm in San Francisco

Our Sisterhood is here to support all women, at any stage and age.

It’s a safe space to be seen and to let down the walls so you can express yourself fully and stand in your power.

By coming together in circle we reclaim what has been missing in our lives – community and authentic connection. We reclaim the right to be perfectly imperfect, to share, love and heal ourselves and the sisterhood wound.  

Through our own journey’s we have witnessed the power of women coming together and how quickly women go from strangers to sisters. And we are devoted to creating a sacred space where everyone can be accepted and seen. A place where you can fully express yourself without any judgement.

Nothing’s a coincidence and you finding this page means you were meant to find us, and us to you. We are connected through the sacred bond of sisterhood. We see you. We are one. I am you. You are me.

It is time for women to come together so we can stand stronger and rise together. It is time to let down the walls and rebuild a future for our daughters to be fully self-expressed. A future where their blood will yet again be celebrated. It starts with us. With supporting each other to rise. It starts with circle. With standing united.

This is an invitation to step into our circle and explore the sacred bond of sisterhood.


Meet Em + Linda

The moment I met Linda I knew I met a soul sister for life. She is the yin to my yang. Her summer solstice birth brings light to my winter solstice birth. She bleeds with the full moon, and I with the dark moon. Opposites, but the same. Bound by an explainable force. A connection and sisterhood that has spanned lifetimes.

Meet Linda: Originally from Sweden, Linda, is a natural born healer and grew up learning from her mother who is a wise woman. Reiki has transformed her life as well as her clients. Linda’s healing style combines Reiki and Shamanic practices. To her, bringing Reiki into the world is a soul calling and a way to give back.

Learn more about Linda:

Why the New Moon?

The new moon is the first of the 8 moon cycles and is the most powerful time of the month to set intentions and begin again. In the past women used to gather in circle every month under this moon to bleed together and pass down their stories from generation to generation. Once a month we honor the traditions of our ancestors by bringing women together.

“In circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there’s no body behind you. The circle is sacred because it’s designed to create unity.”

Lakota Wisdom