Imagine this: a Sisterhood of women, at every stage and age of life, coming together in circle. A safe space to be seen and to let down the walls that have, until now, stopped you from fully expressing yourself and standing in your power.

By coming together in circle, we reclaim what has been missing in our lives – community and authentic connection. We reclaim the right to be perfectly imperfect. To share, love, and heal ourselves and the sisterhood wound.

Imagine this: a circle of women, holding hands and connecting to Mumma Earth. Two of the women hold out their hands to you, waiting for you to join them. You walk up to them and take their hands, closing the circle again. You close your eyes, breathe, and when you open them, you are staring at the women’s faces through your computer/phone screen. You are still in circle, it is still sacred, and you can do it from a location you feel most comfortable in.

Imagine being a part of a community of wild women fiercely committed to living their lives unapologetically aligned with who they are, and not who the world wants them to be. A place where your whole self can be seen. A judgment-free zone.

Imagine having a safe place to talk about womanhood and topics that are considered taboo in a male-dominated world – menstruation, sexuality, pleasure, guilt, the witches’ wound, the abandonment wound, the rise of the Priestess, being a natural witch, healing your Inner Child, and how to manifest a life that you desire with orgasms! Basically the things you have the courage to talk to your good friends about after one glass of wine becomes two…or three

Imagine having a safe place where your whole self is welcome.  Where the part of you that feels stuck, lost, angry, sad, and ALL of the other emotions is met with love and understanding.

Women Need Other Women

For a millennia, women have been turned against each other, whether it was burning at the stake or commenting degrading statements on instagram posts. There is a witches wound that runs deep in the hearts and souls of all women. This can show up as a mistrust among women. 

It is common to crave sisterhood, yet fear the trust that comes with making friends.  Every time we gather together, we heal this deep wound and realize how much we need each other. We realize how similar we are and that we’re all just trying to keep it together as we journey through life and womanhood.

In our experience, nothing compares to the healing that can happen in a women’s circle. We have witnessed sisters step into circle with the weight of the world on their shoulders and leave feeling light. That is the power of sharing. The power of authentic connection. That is the power of women coming together.

Our Sacred Cycles are the missing link

How many of these can you relate to: feeling stressed, burnt out, dis-ease in your body, lack of self-care, overly nurturing others, weight issues, feeling like you are “crazy,” feeling emotionally disconnected, feeling like there is no hope.

Women have been connected to the moon since the beginning of time. In ancient times,  tribes honored this connection and wove it into their daily lives. Our modern world does not honor this cosmic connection. Women are disconnected from themselves and their bodies because they are disconnected from the natural flow of life and their true inner self. By being disconnected from our own bodies and the rhythms of nature, we go against the natural flow of life. We think we have to constantly go-go-go, but once we learn to sync with everything around us and honor life’s rhythms – something magical unfolds –  a life with more ease, flow and abundance. 

Together, women become unstoppable.

Everytime we attend or lead a circle we’re amazed by how quickly the women go from strangers to sisters. The circle creates unity. A sacred bond. A safe container to let your walls down and to let your true self be seen. 

The facade of “I’m fine” falls away and you can lean into embracing your whole self – the good, the bad, the messy, and everything in between.

In circle we are all equal. No one is above another. You realize that you are not alone with what you’re experiencing in life.  Everyone is going through something. You see yourself in your sister’s stories. In their pain, realness, triumphs and tears. You realize that no one has it all together and that life is messy and complicated. And that’s OK.

Why the New Moon?

The new moon is the first of the 8 moon cycles and is the most powerful time of the month to set intentions and to begin again. In the past, women would gather in circle every month under this moon to bleed together and pass down their stories from one generation to the next. We honor this tradition of our ancestors by bringing women together virtually, in sacred circle.

During each new moon, you will learn: 

  • The energies of each month’s New Moon (Zodiac sign and more).
  • Dive deeper into the world of manifestation and law of attraction.
  • Why rituals are an important part in our personal growth.
  • How to successfully set your intentions for that month.

Are you ready to step into our circle?

If you’re interested in attending a in-person or virtual circle the best thing to do is shoot me an email at em@ematkinson.com. I am currently leading in person circles in Kirkland, Washington and virtual circles with @threvolutionarywoman.

“In circle, we are all equal. There is no one in front of you and there’s no body behind you. The circle is sacred because it’s designed to create unity.”

Lakota Wisdom

Gallery of Past Women’s Gatherings

“I was then given the opportunity to attend what I consider one of the most moving, unique and simply amazing days of my adult life, The Gathering of the Goddesses hosted by Emily. Over 20 women, most strangers to each other, met and became sisters. We became sisters through moving freely, letting go, laughing, crying, sharing and ultimately bonding over the fact that we are not so different after all. Through this women’s circle wounds were opened, explored and with the love of our sisters, the path for healing these wounds was illuminated.

After seeing the power of women gathering together I was hooked . . . I knew this was not my last women’s circle and that in fact an entirely new world had just opened itself up to me.” 

Ms. Tabitha